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Plans & Reports

Collier County Strategic Plan Overview

On February 21, 2023, the Collier County Board of Commissioners (Board) held a workshop to discuss the County’s Strategic Plan Review Process results. Under the leadership of the County Manager, county staff participated in an extensive review of the current Strategic Plan framework through multiple strategic planning workshops and meetings. At the conclusion of that process, staff proposed several updates to the current Strategic Plan that encompassed changes to the Core Values and Strategic Focus Areas while keeping the existing Vision and Mission Statements. With Board input staff developed a list of Board and County Manager priorities that will be measured throughout the year with reporting on a quarterly basis aligned with the Budget calendar.

On March 28, 2023, the Board adopted the proposed updates to the Strategic Plan framework. The updated Strategic Plan includes the following:

Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Core Values (5) – Updated
Strategic Focus Areas (4) – Updated
Strategic Objectives (26) – Updated
Board Priorities (23) – New
County Manager Priorities (13) – New
The Strategic Plan framework aligns the Board’s overall vision for the County with identifiable and measurable priorities. Individual departments and divisions will utilize this framework when formulating their annual operational plans. The Budget Office will ensure proper alignment between County priorities and the budget development process.

2023 Strategic Plan Presentation for Collier County

2023 Strategic Plan

2023 Strategic Map for Collier County

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Performance Management Overview

Collier County has added a new performance management component to the updated Strategic Plan framework. County leadership will utilize a performance management system to integrate strategic planning, budgeting, and operations that will create a more transparent, accountable, and efficient organization. Board and County Manager Priorities will be continuously measured by county staff and quarterly reports will be presented to the Board and published on the County website.

For more information regarding Collier County’s Strategic Plan, please contact Geoffrey Willig at Geoffrey.Willig@colliercountyfl.gov